Forums.... fantastic!

I'm excited to see that the gMax team had the wisdom to put up a forum so early on- I've learned in my own experience that if you can find a good forum on any particular subject, you're about as good as a pro in that subject (or at least able to operate like one with a little effort), being able to benefit from 100's of other people's experience in regards to the exact same problem you're faced with, as well as all the different solutions people have tried, and their results, what worked and what didn't. Not to mention having new questions answered by people with far more experience and knowledge than you might have.

I encourage anyone who's getting a gMax unit to make this forum a regular spot to check out and to share, especially as this is a pretty new product, and we will all be discovering a lot of the same problems, solutions, and options at pretty much the same time. With a little effort and sharing, this will be a great resource, and will actually add a lot of value to our machines and the time we spend on/with them.

Plus, the sooner you sign up, the more likely you can pick the user name you want, as almost everything is up for grabs at this point. :p


Staff member
Thanks Walter. We hope to add our knowledge (with gMax) as much as possible but we also really look forward to everyone's ideas. This will, hopefully, be a great resource for 3d printing.