gCreate 1.5+ bed update

Tried to contact the team via e-mail last Friday but still no response.
i really need to use the machine ASAP since it is used for low run production.
my original stand alone dual zone Keenovo heater with glass bed just died, let's say it went with a burn and ruined my builtak flex plate system.
the relay failed and temperature went to around 150 C, it stunk the whole place.
i believe the new heating bed feature in the gCreate 2.0 is much better since the software is controlling the heated bed with a solid state relay contrary to the original Keenovo one i believe it is a mechanical relay since i hear the clicking all the time.
i prefer a turn key assembly from gCreate team including the glass bed, Builtak flex plate and software controlled bed with Solid State Relay.
honestly the dual zone is problematic with the builtak system, if you don't use the full heater the middle of the flex plate will "bubble" and the print will be ruined.
i contacted builtak and they confirmed the problem with using the small heater in the center only.
i am also open to set up my own system if i got the hardware from gCreate team and probably a new firmware, the set up is simple as i see it:
the thermistor goes to T2 and the heated bed controller on the board goes to the low voltage side of the solid state relay.
the bed live wire gets thru the high voltage section to any wire of the heater and neutral is directly connected to the other heater wire.
so it looks it could hack it but i definitely prefer the turn key solution.
gCreate team, please let me know my options, i hate to get rid of this awesome machine because of a third party questionable design.