General printing issue

I have been watching some youtube videos and I have noticed the other printers.... the filament is molten looking. I have been running into issues with the layers not sticking together very well. In the Pronterface (slicing) software I have moved the printer head up to 230C hoping to resolve this issue... no change.... same issue. I tuned the heat up in my office to 90 degrees F (wow that feels hot) and it looks a bit better but not the same. Any thoughts?. I really wanted to help the kick starter process and I still think it is i a good idea but this printer just seem to have a mind of its own ( I am joking of course). But really, there are all sorts of issues and there is no user manual to speak of.... I know from writing lots of user documentation it is not fun to write that stuff and it will not cover all the issues... but this is problematic way of releasing a product. Documentation is the backbone of product. The Setup documentation was good. I think it would be wise if gMax teamed up with a software company that could answer some of the freaky things these or should I say this printer is doing.
I feel your pain. IMO the gMax is not a great choice for someone's first 3D printer - an Up/Afinia or Zortrax would be much better for that. After gaining experience in the basics of printing using one of these "plug-and-play" printers, one has a foundation with which to debug a reprap like the gMax, but starting with a reprap the number of variables, both mechanical and software, can be overwhelming.

The gMax documentation pretty much assumes that the user already knows all about reprap printing. You're going to have to spend a lot of time on the web familiarizing yourself with everything I think.

Best of luck.