getting that important top layer smooth.


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whats up guys, I am not a newbie by any means and have been using 3d printers for about 5 years. I have had the printer for about 3 months, I actually took a break from using it after the first 3 weeks because i was just not happy with the results I was getting. I just started using it again and went back and did the usual trouble shooting to get it working. I got it running reasonably well using simplify 3d profiles provided but what i miss about printing on other printers is that smoothness i get from my flashforge and my Prussa. I have been using them for a while and my top layer prints look amazing. No additional sanding or work to make them presentable. Is this possible on this machine? If not please let me know so i can lower my expectations. I have the stock 1.5 XT with the single e3 extruder and with out a heated bed.