Glass Bed Attachment.


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I was having a terrible time with prints not sticking until I did this modification. The acrylic sheet wasn't flat (even though it was 1/4" thick). The glass isn't quite 100% flat either (some sag in the middle), but it much flatter.

I am printing on painter's tape (Blue Hawk brand -- I have heard 3M works pretty well too). I am having to pry up short prints with a hobby knife that are harder to grab with my hands. Once I get it started, it's easy to get the rest off the bed. In my opinion it is a good problem to have as long as it does release.

I only have an extruder stepper skipping problem to solve now (seems like stepper driver overheating, but it is set up exactly the same as all my other steppers which have no problem and the heat sink is pretty warm, but doesn't seem overheating, burn your finger kind of hot).

Edit: Skipping problem was because one of the wires crimped wires in the connector to the stepper motor had popped partially out of the connector and just needed to be snapped back in. The wire was making a connection sometimes and not others based on the angle / pressure of the stepper motor cable. Luckily the spotty connection didn't seem to damage anything.


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How much of a weight difference does the glass bed make? did you have to slow down print speeds at all? Are you heating it?
The glass I am using is 3/32" instead of the 1/4" thick acrylic, so it may actually be lighter than the acrylic bed. I haven't had to alter speeds at all.

I am not heating it yet, but I plan on eventually adding a heated bed to expand the capabilities of the printer. I also have an idea that might allow for more materials on a cold bed. I'll start a thread on that here if it works once I try it out.