Gmax 1.0 Config files

Hey Gordon,

Seems the 1.0 config files are missing from the website. I followed you instructions in the videos to get the files but the link is broken.

Steve Navazio
KS Backer
I have the most recent Slic3r configs for the gMax 1.0 uploaded/attached to this reply. I tried adding the Marlin firmware I have but the forum only allows uploads of up to 1MB. If you want to message me your email address I could send it to you that way since it's only like 2.8MB.

Hey CalebC,

Thanks for helping, Pretty sad that the files are not on the website.

Was wondering why Gordon took them down.

I see that he was about 40 feet from my table at NYC Maker Faire a few days ago and didn't stop by to say hello.

Not sure what is going on.
So, All the Kick Starter Backers are screwed if they need a copy of the firmware/config files.

Not sure why Gordon took them down.