gMax 1.0 Upgrades to Better Prints

I recently decided to upgrade some part of my old gMax 1.0 as well as stiffened up the structure to reduce some of the unwanted movement of the frame (slop).

My prints were starting to get pretty bad so I had to make some changes. So I figured I share the changes as others that have the same printer, and would like to achieve better prints, could find this post helpful.

This is what I did:

1.Calibrated the steps per minute to a more accurate number, by measuring the motion with a micrometer and correcting the error in the Arduino firmware.
2. Squared the x, y and z axis with a micrometer and a 90 degree angle.
3. Replace all cracked PLA parts with PETG parts
4. Upgrade to the new gMax 1.5 + Y axis bed
5. Replaced the Plexiglas print surface with a borosilicate glass
6. Printed additional braces to stiffen up the structure (see pics)
7. Upgraded to a lager LCD screen
8. Made a new spool holder and filament guide
9. Added Z clips to x and y belts to further keep any belt slack under control
10. Upgraded to the gMax 1.5 + Arduino firmware
11. Removed the PLA angle braces (most had cracked) and bolted the aluminum extrusions of the base of the printer
directly with metal bolts

The results yielded prints with no ringing, no ripples on straight lines or vertical surfaces, and obtained better dimensional accuracy.
These are some great improvements! Thanks for posting them up along with the pictures.

I'm curious though, how to did get the new aluminum bed for your gMax 1.0? I was under the impression Gordon isn't selling them separately.

He is selling the bed. It looks like that he has sold out for now. I got mine on December. He had a few online for sale. I do not know when he is going to have more for sell.

I am waiting for about 2 months for him to restock the aluminum Z-axis Plates with the rollers for the 1.5+. If it does not become available in the next month I will have to cut my own. I'm not in a hurry, as my printer now with the improvements is printing extremely well. I can print PLA, ABS, PETG, and Carbon Fiber with no problems.

Below are some examples of prints using the esun PETG filament.
Oh wow I had no idea they expanded the store with all the accessories and parts! Bummer the beds are all sold out, that would have been nice to know about when they first started selling. Oh well... apparently that's what I get for not being on Facebook.

Those parts look great! The tweaks and changes obviously helped a lot. I personally don't need the new parts just yet since I'm working on my own improvements. My goal is to combine the angled gMax 1.0 aluminum pieces together to essentially convert the 1.0 to a 1.5, then upgrade the X-axis and Z-Axis to the 1.5+ configuration. Once I do the first upgrade I'll post up my pictures also.

Thanks again for sharing! I'll hit you up if I could use some of the parts you designed. =]

No problem. I think I might have misspoken. The new designed parts are for the gMax 1.0. The spool holder and the filament guide are meant to hold the filament with bearings just like on the gMax 1.5+. That is why I said if you need the parts for the printer you have now, the gMax 1.0.

I am also in the process of printing parts for the 1.5+. To upgrade from the 1.0 to the 1.5+ will cost about $750. I created a spread sheet and priced everything just to see what it would cost me. That includes new hot end, ACME screws with backlash nut, and a heated bed, and auto bed tramming.

Any way, let us know of your progress.

Take care