Gmax 1.5 + upgrade help. Y axis problems.

I have upgraded my Gmax 1.5 to the 1.5+ and I have everything running fine but when it's prints the Y axis dose not move up properly and the print just pouts more material in the last layer. It dose move up but just not to what it needs.
I have looked at the power to the motor and this is not it.

Please contact me for more info.

IMG_20180518_171819.jpg IMG_20180518_172022.jpg

I have thought that the tension screws might not be fitting right but I don't think that this would cause this.

IMG_20180518_172036.jpg IMG_20180518_172053.jpg IMG_20180518_174815.jpg IMG_20180518_174823.jpg
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So you mean Z axis, right?
You say move "UP". That's the Z axis.
And you show the anti-backlash nuts in your picture, that's the Z axis.
Those are way too tight and probably causing your problem.


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I realize this and I had purchased the screws. I cut them down to size and installed them. I had to adjust the offset for Z axis as well but now everything is working much better.
I now need the 3D files for the two brackets for the heated bead Inkedwire bracket install_LI.jpg Inkedwire guide install_LI.jpg .