Gmax 1.5xt failed print

Hi my name is Eddie and I just purchase gmax 1.5xt.
Can someone help me to resolve the issue that I have with the process setting on slicing software?
Currently I'm using simplify 3D and I did imported already the FFF setting for this machine into my slicing software.
I did found some slicing setup from this forum (PETG) setting and I followed this process.
So the problem that I have is for the 4 first layer it went good, but as soon as it goes to the infill (we have 60% infill setting) it goes really bad - see attached pictures.
Hope you can help me out to resolve this issue, because I haven't have any successful print yet since we get this printer.
Thank you in advance for your help.


Try increasing your extrusion width to 0.6mm and running your infill extrusion width at 110%. Print quality will suffer if your extrusion width is <= the nozzle diameter.
Jarhead is correct. Make sure your extruder is moving the length of filament you are commanding it to move. However, even if your extruder is calibrated, having an extrusion width <= the nozzle diameter will likely always degrade print quality.