gmax 2 fails to be dimensionally correct

printed the exact same part on all 3 of my printers ( gmax 2 lulzbot5 type a machines) and using the exact same filament on my gmax2 and type A machines i cant seem to get the part to print in the desired dimension.
The pictures below show the type a then the lulzbot then the 2 final ones being the gmax. where you can see its off by close to 11mm in size. tried re doing a gcode making sure i picked the correct printer and that wasnt the issue. not sure what is causing this failure.
0AE55A63-ED2D-41FF-8F61-2EF668909329.jpeg EA7A6D69-8477-4B7D-A2A0-59F2FA9D8511.jpeg 0D1B93E3-52EF-43C2-852B-7D11F663F976.jpeg 5103757C-5CC7-4852-A02F-234FF8D528D4.jpeg 5103757C-5CC7-4852-A02F-234FF8D528D4.jpeg


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I have made dummy gauges for 0.25" and 0.75" diameter and they were only off a few thousandths. I wouldn't expect it to be spot on but its pretty good for a printer.