gMax Filament Spool Holder Upgrade


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Eric_the_Builder has inspired us to design a similar filament spool holder which supports many spool sizes. The new spool holder has a little more resistance than the original design which reduces the amount of filament that coils in mid-air. This new bracket can also support multiple spools, depending on the setup and the print time is actually faster than the original (4) parts required for the filament arm.

The brackets attach to the 80/20 frame with (4) 5/8" bolts and they use standard 608 bearings which are available at any skate shop or online. The new bracket is available on the download site now!

Images of various setups:


Perfect! I remember my borther-in-law’s 3D-printed rectangular peripheral frame supporting a filament spool's flanges on bearings or 3D-printed rollers. The designs are in OpenSCAD (SCAD files), have a few feature switches, and are mostly parametric. His spool holders and components were printed in 3D2print's 3D2PRO series ABS and PLA on a MakerBot Replicator printer. I think he used 1/4" (=6.35mm) conventional drill bit (not a brad-point drill bit) and 8mm hand reamer.