gmax1.5xt and simplfy3D

Hello, I have purchased a gmax 1.5xt and currently waiting for it to arrive in the mail. I was wondering if simplyfy3D works with the gmax 1.5xt model. I saw that simplyfy 3D supports gmax1.5 model and I was curious if there was any difference or whatever due to the gmax 1.5xt model being 8 in shouldn't matter right, because they both use the same firmware?

Does simplyfy 3D work with a gmax 1.5xt printer? :D



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Simplify 3D should work with the xt just fine. I didn't load any special configuration the first time I used S3D -- I manually defined the printer's layout / configuration. There are settings for the build volume in the preferences where X, Y, and Z dimensions can be defined.
Hey, thanks for the responses. Yes I've downloaded the latest beta version of slic3r and saw the 3D tab and stuff... I didn't mess with it yet, as I just trying to familiarize myself with slicer programs and what settings can and should be changed to achieve the best results...I'll take a look at all the slicer programs slic3r, cura, and simplify 3d, and try to make a choice, although I can give simplify 3d a test run to see if I like it or not, all I have to go off of is videos and stuff... so it might be difficult to see if I would really like it or not.

Thanks again for answering my questions....

Kyle, I know this is the wrong spot to ask this but can you give me a link to the latest assembly instructions and manual for the gmax 1.5xt....I clicked on what I thought was the latest assembly instructions and got a 404 page error.



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I understand that S3D has configurations for the gMax 1.5 (I think one from S3D was posted on this forum somewhere). If you load that one up, you can just change the z-axis height. It would be in the preferences under the machine tab.

They did not have a preset configuration when I started using S3D. The setup was pretty easy -- I went through the configuration assistant. Select "other" for printer then set the machine type to cartesian robot with Marlin firmware. Enter appropriate values for the rest of the settings like build volume for your printer. The y-axis should be flipped (you can check after finishing by going into the machine tab in preferences as described earlier).
Ok, yea I believe it supports the gmax 1.5 now so I should just be able to select that profile and change the z axis to accommodate for the height like you said, and it should work...we'll give it a try when I get my printer.

Ok, so I just purchased the simplify 3D there still is no preset option for gmax printer selection, so I did what you said selected "other" then selected the cartesian robot one with marlin firmware, set my dimensions in mm, 16''x16''x18'' and here's the question that I have right now. You said I need to select invert the looks like it's already "checked" do I need to "un check" it? and does everything look right to you so far?
I'm a little confused...They say they support the gmax printers; however when I look for it in the printer selection menu it is not there...on their website it looks like it's clearly there. I've already checked to see if I have the latest version of simplify 3D and I do, so I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me on this.

Also is there a way to save out multiple profiles...for example I want to have the option to select a profile for my gmax1.5xt printer and then when I want to use my flash forge creator pro dual extruder printer - I want to just be able to click a profile for that that possible, to be able to switch back and forth between printers with just a simple click between two printer profiles?
The invert Y has to do with the virtual table view in Simplify, nothing to do with the printer.

I've done a lot of tuning but it does work out of the box. Just bed sizes and homing dir Y to max.

Ok, so you are saying that the invert y is just for preference with how the platform is viewed? Also are you saying that I need to select "max" in my "y" homing direction, because in the image you provided all of your homing directions are set to "min"
That's correct. I'm actually running my own line of printers, hence the different parameters.

The purpose of the image was to answer your question about running bed printer models. Make a different process (the dialog box open) for each printer/ filament/ setting combination, etc... That's what the table in the lower left is showing, the many different combinations I've got of bed sizes, heated vs unheated beds, nozzle diameters, etc... When you double click on the process you want to use and the bed size is different than current once you close the box it will dynamically change the bed size view for you.
I have beta S3D configuration files. S3D will include the gMax 1.5 and gMax 1.5XT in the next release of their software. They are still working with us to get a good configuration. These are not the official configuration files.
Hey kyle, was there a specific reason for putting the x and y size to 410mm in stead of 406.2 Also someone told me to put the homing direction y set to max instead of min, I see yours is set to min...what does this actually do and which one do I need to set mine to?

Also another question, lol...

I saw in your ending g code you had this:
G28 X0 Y0 ; home X and Y

I played back the tool path and saw that it kinda just sees where it stops on the print on it's last line, tries to figure out where it is on the printer bed and then averages out the middle of where the tool currently is and puts it on the edge of the x axis or 0 on the x axis?

I would have thought it would have made the tool go to either one of the corners or something maybe bottom left x0 y0 right? no matter where the tool is when it prints the last line of the print? Also shouldn't the tool need to be lifted a few mm at the end of the print before it tries to find it's x0 y0 locations or something to avoid colliding into the print that was just printed?

I have not actually printed anything yet using the ending g code, I'm just going off what simplify has drawn out for me, the tool path (extruder path) and noticed that this was happening and that it might actually collide with some prints while trying to go back to what it thinks the x0 and y0 locations are...

could you fill me in?
Ok, well here's where I stand:

I built the printer.
2.) turned the printer on and inserted SD card
3.) Hit print from SD card and selected the file
4.) it started heating the extruder 1 immediately to the target temp (BAD)

it started to melt the bed a little because it skipped steps 1-6 in the quick start guide, it did not go left and hit the x end stop and it did not go in the y direction to hit the y endstop; instead it just started heating the extruder where it was and close to the did not raise up 10mm and start heating either.

I had to cancel print, and hurry up and find out how to manually reduce the temp of the extruder using the LCD screen.

5.) I used the LCD screen to use the Auto Home feature, the extruder went and hit the x end stop, blue led light illuminated and then the bed moved until it hit the y end stop, blue led illuminated. And this is where I stopped.

What do I do from here? the quickstart guide said it was supposed to do this homing feature before the print starts and then left the extruder up 10mm off the bed and begin heating, and when finished heating move to the center of the bed and begin the print.

Here is the gcode file I was going to try and print to test my bed level.