Grr! Arg! Gadgets 3D!


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I've gotta vent a little bit here... I just got my order of parts from Gadgets 3D which should have gotten all of my electronics taken care of. The Ramps board looks to be in working condition, but there were a few bent pins on it.

The bigger issue is that they sent me RepRap style endstops instead of the MakerBot style Mechanical Endstop v1.2 that I ordered and that the gMax parts are designed to connect to.

I've sent them a customer support request about it, but it's frustrating because I was expecting to be able to finish wiring, setting up, and testing everything except the hotend this weekend.

As the subject says... Grr! Arg!

Edit 1: I was inspecting the Ramps board and noticed that one of the stepper drivers came inserted incorrectly and one of the two rows of pins were not connected to the headers on the board (they were wedged on the inside edge of the headers). I'm not sure what would have happened if I had tried to use the stepper driver that way, but I am glad I didn't find out.

Edit 2: I am just going to ask for a refund for those endstop switches. I can get ones I know will be right elsewhere cheaper and with faster and cheaper shipping.


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So after getting the ones, "I know will be right," last night, I wired them up. The first two worked well. The last one reset the arduino / ramps every time it was triggered. After checking things out with a multimeter, I discovered that the switch was mounted onto the board backwards.

I am glad I am no stranger to a soldering iron. I desoldered the switch, flipped it around (the scary part was bending the prongs 180º the other way), and soldered it back to the board. Everything is working now despite the numerous issues with one of the simplest parts of the printer, lol.

I just have to work out the high-pitched squeal I'm getting from my left leadscrew / acme rod and get a hotend.