Heated bed relay clicking away like mad

I had an issue with a print today where I couldn't get the first layer to complete without it freezing part way in. After 3 failed re-attempts my relay started clicking like crazy and at that point I stopped. I am printing with PLA so I can likely do without the heated bed but has anyone else had a similar experience?

I don't know if its the relay is the problem or something else. Any thoughts on what to try?
So on a hunch I bought another relay and that did not fix the problem. While it didn't click like mad the print still failed three times.

The first time I got a "failed to home" error right when it was about to start printing and the other two the computer decided to reset just as it started printing.

Any thoughts on what could be going on? I had just used the thing about 2 weeks ago without issue.
Another interesting thing is for the first time that I can recall. When I am using the "selector wheel?" and getting to "print from SD card" I could hear the y-axis motor making a noise. I don't previously recall ever hearing it. Rotating to select my print and going back would make the motor make a noise. The motor wasn't rotating but it was definitely making a noise.

Anyone have something similar happen?
Another update. As an experiment i changed the g-code to not use the heated bed to see if anything would be different.

No change, right before it started to print the computer rebooted.