Heated build plate wire management

When installing the heated bed, you have a few of options for cable management. It depends on where you need to place the controller to reach the nearest power strip/outlet.

If you need to run the wires to the left side of the printer, it may be a better idea to run the wires out of the back of the bed as shown in the picture. This will prevent the wires from getting hung up on the power supply.

If you need to the controller on the right side, you can run the wires under the bed frame.

Make sure the wires do not rub on the belts or interfere with the wheels.

You can bundle up the extra wires and clip them to the frame.

Edit 08/03/15

To increase the longevity of the cables, It is a good idea to wrap them with spiral cable wrap. This will add a layer of protection and provide some support for the cables. The cable wrap also makes the install much cleaner.

If you need to replace the spiral cable wrap, you can get it from Amazon.

If your cables are fraying or you did not receive spiral cable wrap, please send us and email at Support@gcreate.com.

The STL files for securing wires to the frame of the 80/20 or Openbuild extrusion are attached to this post.
Thanks Kyle. I hope to install my heated bed today using these photos as my guide. Wire placement that stands up over time under heavy usage is critical.

Are the STL's for the Ninjaflex clips available? I plan to print on 3/16 inch glass placed on top of the bed. So I'd like to hack the clips to hold the glass in place as well.

I see a duality in the photos that you've posted here. The first one shows the heated build plate wires coming out ON TOP of the metal bed. Yet the other two show the wires as having then threaded so that they rest below the metal bed. So it took me a few more hours of experimentation to finally find a wire layout that works for me.

As the photos in this post show, I've found that running the wires between the heated bed and the unheated metal bed is the right arrangement. The secret to keeping the wire from getting caught in the printer rigging as the bed goes back and forth is to create the right amount of tension/flex in the bundle of 3 cables. I did this by cutting the zipties you guys had shipped the bed with, then re-zipping them back together with the 3 ties shown. Note how the two red wires are on the inside of the bend, while the white wire is on the outside. If I were to show a photo of the bundle straighted out it would show the length of the white wire between zips to be longer than the red ones.

I used one of the 8020 clips that you gave us STLs to in your above post and attached it to the left side of the rear beam of the printer. Note how I threaded the ziptied cable through the clip so that the tension in the cable causes it to want to point upwardly. I then slipped the heater control box and remaining wires underneath the box, which itself is snuggled below the rear beam and against the foot of the printer. If I were worried about the box getting knocked around during operations, I might ziptie or otherwise fasten the box to the printer frame so that it doesn't fall.

- Bob