Heating Failed


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What does the Heating Failed error mean?

If your gMax is prompting a "Heating Failed" error message on the screen, here's why. If your printer is given the command to heat either the hotend or heated bed, but the temperature does not change at all, then the printer will prompt a "Heating Failed-PRINTER HALTED-Please reset" error.

For Example:
If your thermistor is damaged and is reading 0ºC as its ambient temperature (the bottom temperature)
Inkedthermistor no work_with circle.jpg
If you try and preheat the printer, within 10 seconds this error screen should prompt
heating failed error message.jpg

What can cause this?
• Damaged Thermistor
• Damaged Heater Cartridge
• Poor wire connection of the Hotend Power Wire
• Unplugged components (Thermistor wire, Ribbon Cable, etc)