If anyone can give me some feedback I would really appreciate it. I just printed the first layer of 9 100x100mm boxes. The upper right portions of the boxes have nice straight line. the bottom left portions are all wavy. I'm trying to print some large pieces and have problems with it peeling in the 9 o'clock position. I was trying this to see if my bed was level and my head was in a good position but now I'm even more confused.
your nozzle is too close to the bed, in EVERY one of the 9 squares.

Try this.

1. Change first layer height to 150-200%, so nearly double the layer height of the remaining layers.
2. Change the Z offset a little bit. Its 0 now (i presume) to get some additional (smoosh) change that offset to -.05 or something in there (play with it).

This will raise the nozzle up to 2x the normal height. Lowering it a little with the z offset.
thanks for responding.

I am at 150% and do have the offset set to 0. I'll try adjusting some more.

I guess I was surprised that it looked good in one area then seem to be getting too close. I would think that the bed isn't level but the pattern seems to repeat in each square instead of carrying across the whole table. Which is what I would expect if the bed was not level.

they printed in the order
5 6 7
4 9 8
3 2 1