Horizontal Bands/Grooves

I've recently got the Gmax XT+ and have set it up printing the filament that came with it. The spacers all seem as they should be, I have figured out how to make the first layer stick and have had no problem getting subsequent layers to stick as well. BUT, on vertical surfaces I get, instead of a smooth finish, a series of equally (vertically) spaced ridges (about 6mm apart vertically) on one side, with corresponding grooves on the other side. Can anyone suggest anything? It's the regularity of the ridges/grooves that is so striking
Thanks, Joshua. Did check that (that's what I meant by the spacers all seem as they should be): all six wheels are moving in the slots and none of them is so tight that you can't move it with your finger. There doesn't seem to be any play in the extruder, so I don't think the eccentric spacers are the culprit. This is a brand-new machine (less than two weeks), so I'm wondering what could be up. I'm using the MakeShaper filament you folks shipped with the printer.


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This could also be caused by the filament not rolling freely on the spool holders. Make sure the spool is not pinched between the holders.