Hotend wont hold temperature while printing


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You may notice your hotend sometimes drops 30 degrees from the target temperature. The cause of this can range anywhere from the environment being very cold, cold filament, high speeds, or most likely the cooling fan is set too high. In regards to the cooling fan this seems to be a problem on the lower layers since the airflow from the fan hits the hotend.

If you see this problem the result may be that less plastic is extruded or the extruder motor may skip resulting in a weakened part. This has been a particular problem during winter.

To solve this try these tips:

1. Move your printer to a hotter environment.

2. Manually override the cooling of the printer as it is printing. In the LCD menu to to "Control>Temperature>Fan" and bring down the value. Note that this is a temporary solution as the fan will just change the next time the gcode tells it to.

3. Re-slice your model and lower the cooling fan values bu 10%-20% and turn off "Enable Auto Cooling" in the same tab.

4. Try slowing down the print to made sure the filament isn't flowing through the hotend too quickly.
Re: Hotend wont hond temperature while printing

I have been having this problem. I sort of fixed it by turning down the fan and turning up the extruder temps. I have lost some quality with overhangs and I get more warping.

Is it bad for the steppers to skip?
Re: Hotend wont hond temperature while printing

Straight from the guru of youtube on extruder stepper skipping cuaseing harm.

Thomas Sanladerer

No, it is simply an electrical phenomenon. Still, I'd check that the extra vibrations didn't loosen any screws (especially the grub screws at the pulleys)