How can 3D printing be applied to the field of medicine?

3D medical Printing technology brings a new wave of advancement in the healthcare industry & prove to be an asset in developing new medical applications at affordable prices. 3D printing technology successes in the medical industry include the creation of limb prosthetics, titanium replacements for hips & jaws and plastic tracheal splints etc.

Steps of 3D medical printing: 3d printing medical organs

Whenever we have to build any structure, we have to take care of lots of things like shape, size, surrounding environment etc. For these things, we have to proceed further step by step.

Modelling: For creating 3D printable models following software are used such as a 3D scanner, Computer Aided design package, photogrammetry & plain digital camera etc
Printing: 3D model undergoes the process of testing to avoid errors in output STL files i.e., holes, noise shells, faces normals, self-intersections etc.
Finishing: After printing, finishing is required because the printer-produced resolution is not sufficient for every application. 3d printer service ahmedabad mumbai pune delhi india

In our article, we explain applications, benefits etc of medical 3d printing in healthcare in detail. For its more information please visit the link given below:
Medical 3D Printing