How to Quickly Make Money with 3d Printing?

With additive manufacturing technology, objects can be produced with a high level of customization and complexity while also bringing down costs.

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The benefits of rapid prototyping with 3D printing instead of other traditional methods include:

3D printing decreases the time and cost of prototype production - 3d printing commercial applications.
Reduces the possibility of a mistake in the design or fabrication.
Allows for the possibility of prototyping more variants of the same design.
Increases the ability to make a more complex end product.

Many businesses and designers have put rapid prototyping to the test and it has already shown to be an improvement over the traditional methods. Major manufacturers and designers, such as those mentioned below, have seen its value for improving designs and reducing costs.

The ability to make reliable and realistic prototypes with little effort, and at a lower cost, helped the design firm to test their plans against simulated conditions and to refine them before building their construction.

Architects that use 3D printing services to showcase their designs too. Instead of spending weeks waiting for models to be built by hand, they can be done in a fraction of the time with 3D printing.

Auto designers have also used 3D printing to prototype different car parts and to test different features on new models. Some examples include the American automobile giant Ford and the Australian division of the automaker General Motors.

In these cases making money more quickly can occur due to faster production time and cutting cost in development. You can also help companies like the above in the process and serve as their prototyping middle man.

Another great way to make money with a 3D printer is to get into the market for homemade products and personalized crafts. Some companies have started to offer products in this field using 3D printing and it has led to many success stories.

A great example of this is how antique style 3d printing interior design items were fabricated by Laboratorium of Digital Fabrication using 3D printing.

Their 3D printed items include everything from furniture and cutlery to unique lighting fixtures and plumbing.

A third and notable example is the jewelry companies that have decided to take advantage of the versatility and convenience of 3D printing. Vowsmith, for one, used 3D printing to make custom wedding rings with the fingerprint of their fiancé. Another example is the jeweler American Pearl. They are using 3D printing to make custom jewelry and it has shown to significantly cut the cost of the process due to reduced labor.

3D printing art can be an artistic outlet, it can be a way to manufacture commercial goods and it can be a service that you sell. When you have a versatile multitool 3D printer, it can be all of these things and more. If you are a business or an individual with the ambition to increase your profitability, owning a multitool 3D printer can be the tool you need.