Installing Heated Bed


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Installing the Heated Bed

A heated bed may be needed for you to be able to print more exotic filaments on your gMax printer. Here are the steps need to switch from the standard acrylic bed to the heated bed. The tools needed to install the heated bed will be a 3 mm hex key and a pair of wire cutters.

Mounting Bolts.JPG loosening.JPG
You will want to start by removing the supplied acrylic bed. There are (4) bolts used to hold it in place that need to be removed. Make sure to hold the wingnuts that are located under the aluminum bed when removing the bolts.

Front Clip.JPG Rear Clip.JPG
Next you want to install the rubber bed clips with the supplied M5x25 mm low profile bolts and wing nuts. Install (2) clips in the front outer holes of the aluminum bed. Then install the rubber bed clips on the rear inner holes.

wire guide install.JPG
The wire guide bracket will need to be installed on the back of the aluminum bed. You can use the supplied M5x25 low profile bolts and wingnuts to mount this bracket.

wire bracket install.JPG
After installing the wire guide bracket, you will want to install the wire bracket on the rear corner of the frame with the supplied 1/4-20x5/8" bolt, washer, and t-nut.

bed front clips.JPG
Start by sliding the front of the heated bed into the rubber clips installed on the aluminum bed. You can move it forward more to be able to fit the rear of the bed into the back rubber bed clips.

rear clips insert.JPG
Slide the heated bed back into the rear rubber clips on the aluminum bed. Make sure the wires lay flat under the heated bed and are layed on top of the wire guide bracket.

wire guide.jpg wire bracket.JPG
Securing the heated bed wires will be next. You can use (1) zip tie on the wire guide bracket to secure the wires right at the heated bed. Next you will use (2) zip ties to secure the wire bundle to the wire bracket. You can clip the excess wires with a pair of wire cutters.


Use caution when putting the heated bed on the aluminum bed. The corners of the glass bed can crack and chip if hit by the frame or lead screws.