Installing Touch Screen Firmware

Updating Touch Screen Firmware

The LCD screen has its own firmware, configuration file and graphics theme (with icons and fonts). We recommend updating all 3 whenever you update the firmware. Note the LCD screen can load independently of the main board so make sure the mainboard firmware is properly installed before the screen.

1. Download the correct zip file from our forum or website and unzip to a spot on your computer. You should see a firmware file, a config.ini file and a folder containing the graphics theme.​
Touch Screen Files.PNG

2. Put everything in the base directory of the formatted SD card that came with your printer.​

3. Put this SD card in the LCD screen just like you are going to start a print and turn on the printer. You will see the firmware, config files, fonts, and all the graphics update. It should take a few minutes to complete. Once finished, put the SD card back in the computer to see if the files are renamed with a “.CUR” extension at the end. If not, format the card and try the installation again.​

4. Note: You may need to go to “Menu > Settings > Machine > EEPROM > Reset” to properly reset the print back to the factory settings after the firmware update. The printer will display “Failed to enable bed leveling” after a reset because the bed leveling matrix has been erased. Click OK and run bed leveling again.​
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