LCD Bright, but no text.

I have setup the printer and leveled the bed. I've powered the machine up for the first time and the LCD lights up brightly, but has no text on it. I've subsequently unplugged double checked and rewired everything to only end up with the same result. I am not sure if I need to do something with the firmware on the board or what. Please advise.

So you're sure that the 2 ribbon cables from the LCD have the correct orientation when plugged into the RAMPS control board? I only ask because this has been the issue everyone else has had.

It could also be that the contrast needs adjustment, but the contrast seems to be handled in the firmware, so I doubt this is an issue.
I'm not sure what the issue is with the LCD but while you are figuring it out you can run the printer from a computer that has Pronterface/Slicr installed on it. You are probably anxious to get started printing. While the LCD is convenient and helpful, you should be able to run the printer with a USB connected PC only.
I have traced the ribbon cables back to the board, and I am pretty sure they are in the proper locations and are seated properly. I will try and connect to the controller via USB tonight. I have a mac and have downloaded Repetier and will download slicer. Is it as simple as powering on the machine, plugging in the USB cable?

"Is it as simple as powering on the machine, plugging in the USB cable?"

Yes, it's fairly simple. I have not used a MAC but on a PC you need to start the Pronterface program then use it to connect to the gMAX. Set the speed of the connection to 250000 and designate a COM PORT. These choices appear in the top left part of the Pronterface interface screen. From Pronterface you can control the printer and load files for print.