Linear Rail Upgrade

I've had the parts for quite some time now but just haven't done anything with them.
Seeing the Gmax 2 lit a fire under me and I started the upgrade!
Almost done sketching it and it looks like it'll be easy enough to do.
Still have some things to figure out, like attaching the belt to the Z carriage, a new BL Touch mount and cleaning up the X cable chain. All easy enough though.
Also thinking about putting the camera mount on the Z carriage itself. Not sure about the weight but 12mm rails will definitely carry it.
Might post more pics along the way but I'll definitely post a video when complete.


this would be great!! I have not touched my gMax in a long time and would love to make some updates to make it better. ever consider upgrading to the titan Aero hot end?
Had try to contact gCreate for upgrade kit but no luck, this would be awesome. Let us know when it done. I love to upgrade mine to linear rail the first day I got the machine.