Looking to install the Titan Aero hotend.

Hi everyone,

I looking to install the titan aero on my printer. I know there is a mount in the download section. Does any one from gcreate have any info to help me get started on this thanks.

I am looking for the same thing. I see the link in the experimental section to download the STL for the "E3D Titan Extruder" mount, but it's just an STL and even the description says it doesn't have everything needed for it to work. I'd like to use it as a starting point to build my own Titan extruder system for my gMax 1.5XT+ but would need a STEP file to work with. Would Kyle or anyone else from gCreate be willing to provide that for us?
Hi...I heard you can use the same thermistor but I cut mine too short when removing the old hotend. I was asking for me, I don't know how to flash it for the new firmware for the newer thermistor that comes with the V6.

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