Machine Maintenance


Dust and Debris

The gMax was designed with robust components however all machines are susceptible to dust and debris causing performance issues especially if the electronics are not getting proper cooling.

We recommend blowing out the fans on the power supply, inside the electronics case and on the extruder often.

Make sure to clear loose filament or debris from the belts, pulleys, and guide rails. Also make sure to use the supplied metal bristle brush to clean filament off the nozzle when it is hot.

Lubricating Linear Rails

The gMax 2 Pro uses Hiwin linear guide rails and blocks. The guide blocks contain rows of recirculating ball bearings and it performs best when lubricated and clear of debris.

The X and Z axis use Hiwin MGN15C rails and the Y axis uses EGH15C rails.

Warning. Do not remove the linear block from the rail without the use of a plastic stopper or you risk having the ball bearings fall out and ruin the block.

To clean and lubricate the rails we recommend wiping them clean with a paper towel and spraying with CorrosionX ( ensuring the lubricant gets inside the bearings.

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