mkIIi bed design

So after playing with my rigid bed design for a few weeks, I decided it was time to go back to hybrid suspended bed design. I've been finding pro's and cons of each style- the rigid bed is definitely more accurate as far as actually drawing straight lines, but the suspension allows a way to compromise for "speed bumps" that crash the head or just glob up and drag everywhere.

So the mkIII bed was born. This is still using the more rigid tubing so the foundation is more stable, however I added the suspension back in by using a 3 point leveling system that is positioned at the outside edges of the bed. Basically, a sandwich of (2) 1/4" MDF pieces with springs between. I also used stiffer springs and fatter bolts so there is less sway on the horizontal access and it could support heavier platter materials. For the upper platter, clipping down the plexi works great, but I have also started experimenting with printing on ceramic tile. Jury is still out on that vs glass, bt at $3 for the 18inch tile, it's worth a shot...


How odd. They show up right side up on the ipad, but upside down on the computer.

Beds working out great. Very easy to level and keep level. Jury is still out on the tile. Ran out of filament so have not tried anything larger than a tree frog...

So far, have only been printing with PLA. Going to add a roll of ABS on my next order.