New Member Here Building gMax 1.5XT+

I just received two big part orders from gCreate for my gMax 1.5 XT+ build this week and I have to say, you can tell the gMax 1.5+ was carefully thought out and well executed even down to the smallest details. I just got the gMax Aluminum Bed with Heated Build tac Surface and those components are very well made and beautifully designed and heavy as a rock due to solid constuction. Thank you to Anna and Gordon for taking so much care in packing and shipping. This is why I buy items made in the USA whenever I can. You may pay more but you DO get what you pay for in most cases.
I was watching some YouTube videos of folks who bought the Formbot T-Rex who totally ripped off gMax's design and are selling poorly made clones. I had to laugh at the few videos showing poorly made parts from Formbot. Don't try to save a buck and get the imitation when the real thing is so much better. Just my thoughts.
I am getting into building the printer now as all my extrusions are cut to size, tapped, etc. What count teeth GT-2 Pulleys are used for the front and back of the X Axis and left and right side of the Y Axis? The build manual doesn't give any specific part information on this.