Nozzle crashing into print

I'm using a gmax1.5xt with a volcano 1.2mm nozzle. The print starts fine but about halfway through my print in the z direction the nozzle starts to crash into the top layers of the print just barely. But enough to rip it off the plate after a few layers. Any takers on suggestions?


Staff member
When was the last time you aligned the lead screws? Your x-axis arm could be slightly binding up as it raises on the z-axis. Could also try increasing the current on the z-axis stepper driver. But make sure the printer is OFF while doing that. Otherwise you run the risk of frying the arduino board.
The lead screws I did after the first incident, to no avail. Did not even think of increasing motor current. I will try that next. Thank you very much! Any idea on the increase or is it more of a trial and error?