PETG Simplyfy3D settings - 0.5mm Nozzle

Hi Guys,

I have inherited a G-Max 1.5+ and PETG 1.75mm filament. I have bought the Simplyfy3d slicing software and I have printed a few goods but I just don't seem to get it as nice as the pictures I see on the web.

I have a glass warm bed as well.

I have all sure about the settings.

Please can someone be so kind to share there settings or let me know how you got to the optimal settings.


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I am also trying to dial in settings for PETG. The outline of the part I am attempting to print is 9.5"x14.5", which is turning out to be quite a challenge, regardless of the filament type.

I tried some prints based on the factory file attached above. 250C is 10C hotter than what I have tried previously. I dialed the 1st layer speed down to 30% (of 50 mm/s). For the most part, the last attempt was the best 1st layer I've seen yet (with PETG), but still seems under extruded (the plastic strands were thin; I could read the gmax logo on the build tak through the 1st layer). One corner curled up a bit and the 2nd extruder was catching in that corner as the 2nd layer was going down, so I aborted. I also noticed several of the strands came loose fro the build tak, so there is still work to do....

I am printing on directly on build tak wiped down with alcohol.

I tried blue painters tape for several days, but the filament did not stick as well yielding a poor 1st layer. I tried the above profile with painters tape before I went back to the bare build tak.

Bed: 70C
Perimeters: 3
Filament: Push Plastic Black PETG
Z offset: 0.1mm added in Simplify3D + 0.1mm added with babystepping while printing the brim

I added the Z offset after trying the factory file unmodified; the filament was skipping often. The Z offset stopped the skipping. I leveled the bed after removing the painters tape.

I also occasionally get some blobs at the z retraction. The attached picture shows a blog on painters tape at 250C.



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Some PETG filament can be slightly transparent when printing. We have seen this in a lot of different brands of PETG. The first layer actually looks pretty in the photos shown. Might have to babystep z down a little bit. If the second nozzle is hitting the print, make sure the arm is level and then you may have to double check that the extruder is level. Here is a leveling guide for the dual extruder.
Hi Joshua,

I hope you can help as I am really not coming right all of a sudden. I have a design which I have printed a few times now but suddenly the nozzle gets cloged up. The base of the print really prints well but the problem occurs when printing the walls. If you don’t mind looking at the print and give me your thoughts of how you would slice the product for printing.

I have made sure the hood-end is properly isolated and I was basically getting no printing hair. The print start 100% and always seems to stop working at the same point.

I have tried printing this model since the problems started about 20 times and I am not sure what else to try.

Currently I use a 0.4mm nozzle with PETG.

If you don’t mind can I mail the model to you?
Hey Joshua,

I'm trying to get my PETG settings right as well.

I've downloaded and imported the PETG factory file that was posted back in October above, but I don't see PETG available anywhere as a material choice. How exactly should we be using the file for this type of filament?



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Hey Gregdi,

Are you using cura or simplify3d? The factory file that was posted is for simplify3d slicing software. If you are using simplify3d, once you import the factory file, open the process settings and click the + symbol next to the auto-configure for material. Type in PETG and and update the profile.
You can send an email to with any questions. Make sure to add some photos of how the print is looking.
Hi Joshua,

Thank you for the advise but the printer still keeps blocking after printing for more then 1 hour.

I have done the calibration and I have upped the nozzle temp and I have replaced the the ptef pipe that goes down into the hootend.

I am now wondering if it is not the motor filiment feader or the filiment gear feader.

Just a question on retracking the filiment for petg is set to 3mm? Could this be to much?

At this point I am as well thinking of sending the printing for a major service.