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Fortress of the Crescent

Kijaidesign impressed us with this amazing moon themed model. "Fortress of the crescent" is a highly detailed and well thought-out 3d model perfect for large format printing. The hollow model has been meticulously designed to allow for interior light penetration through each of the door and window openings. We spent several days and successfully printed this massive model at a #gMaxSize scale.

About the Print

Fortress of the Crescent
by Kijaidesign

240% scale, 200 micron layer height, 10% infill, 3 perimeters
Filament: Polyalchemy Night Sky Elixir PLA


Slicing Settings

The two images above show the shear size of the model.
It was required to rotate it to fit on the gMax 1.5 XT+ bed.

Model requires support for "Hollow Version"
The model printed with typical settings and it took over 6 days to finish. The model was so large we turned it 45 degrees to fit on the print bed.

Infill was set to 10% to ensure the top layers have enough material to print on and any lower might cause issues. When printing a model so large/long its work erring on the side of caution. The model came out great and it is impressive to hold.

Infill: 10%
Infill Style: Triangular
Layer Height: 0.2mm (200 Micron)
Top Layers: 4
Bottom Layers: 2
Support: Yes (12%)
Print Time: 6+ Days

Simplify3D gcode Preview

The Simplify3D gcode preview was quite processor intensive, but it was a great and necessary way to view any errors prior to printing.

Make sure to preview your gcode every time you generate it. Why waste filament when you can see errors before starting anything?

This preview helped us generate custom support for areas that may fail. it also helped us determine the correct infill percentage based upon the low slope top layers.

The Results

fortress_of_the_crescent_1.jpg fortress_of_the_crescent_2.jpg fortress_of_the_crescent_3.jpg fortress_of_the_crescent_4.jpg fortress_of_the_crescent_5.jpg fortress_of_the_crescent_6.jpg

Learn More

Make sure to download and check out all of Kijai's designs. We can't wait to print more #gMAxSize
Instagram: @kijaidesign
Twitter: @kijaidesign


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