Print speeds/extrusion multipler for better finishes


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I have looked at the Gcreate part 1 video a few times and noticed that the stock settings that I got on the Slic3r config download and what Gordon has on the screen were different on the print tab under speed. I looked around online and also found that people play with the extrusion multiplier setting as well to get better quality prints.

Do any of the people that have had the Gmax for a while have optimized/better settings for high/medium/medium fast printing?
Its determined by your desired quality vs speed and the features of the part your'e printing. The current slic3r settings are a very good starting point. That is what you should use. I use them almost 95% of my prints.

The settings you saw in the tutorial may have been leftover settings for a specific model in a specific situation. It may not have even been a stock gMax. He plays with many different hardware setups.