Printer just stops mid print??

Solve one problem incur another. Almost 80% this last print, and the print before that the printer had just stopped in the middle of a pass and the board shows the start screen like it was done and read for next whatever. The head stays in the model space and temp is still running, its dead Jim?? I have tried two different versions of slic3r and run the out putted g-code through a visialisation. the whole model is there and good as far as I can tell.

screaming deep inside today,



Are you printing via SD card or USB? If USB which host software are you using?

Is your laptop plugged in? :lol: I have done that few times too many.

I have had a power surge reset my printer before. So now I have it plugged into an APC.

Also I see some oozeing in your picture(the hairy stuff). Try increasing Length in your retraction settings to 1mm. And speed to 20 mm/s.


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Also if you are printing via USB, all of the host software I know of have a terminal / console / log that may contain relevant warnings or errors.

If printing through my Macbook Pro, I have to go into the energy saver settings and make sure it is set to never go to sleep while plugged in.
Strange I have never had that happen, unless is a power surge.

Did you properly eject the SD card?
Although, I am not sure if pulling out the SD would corrupt the gcode file like that.


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I think Kyle may be on to something with the eject comment.

Can you copy the gcode file off of the SD card and open it up with a text editor? Most slicers leave comments at the beginning and end of the file. If the end of the file is missing comments (lines beginning with a semicolon), it may indicate that the file was somehow truncated or hadn't been fully written to the SD card.

If that's the case, some slicers can take some time to complete. Make sure that it does and that you properly eject the SD card from your computer before moving it over to the printer.

Data is not always written to storage devices from a computer immediately. It is often buffered and cached for faster access. The ejection process ensures that all files are closed and those buffers and caches are flushed to the storage media properly.
Well we have a winner, the file was only partially written. On HD they were fine but on the SD they were only partials. I hope that fixes issue, thanks for the help!