Prototype engine valve cover


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This is my first (non tutorial) print. It took 15 1/2 hours on medium quality 0.23mm layers. It is a prototype to test fit on an engine before we commit to aluminum castings. I have to get more filament before I print the other half which will fit together with this one using pins in the end.


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Very nice! You'll have to get some pictures up of the car / engine if you get a chance! Also the finished cover too! ;)


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What slicer did you use? I have been using simplify 3d and have been impressed by the easy to remove supports, but I noticed slic3r has new support options.
Looks like Slic3r. Impressed that those pillars at the front didn't topple.

Also in Slic3r itself you can do variable layer heights so towards the top when you have a more shallow contour you could specify a smaller layer height for better resolution on that curve (as if the print didn't take long enough already :) )

Looks great.
Jman said:
I used the stable version of slic3r to make the g-code then ran it off the computer using pronterface
I've been using experimental. 1.2.7 just came out a few days ago and is much more stable than 1.2.6. Support material interface is much better than current stable version 1.1.7. I'm using the experimental for everything now.