Rapid Y Axis Layer Shifting on large prints

Got an issue that has arisen since the install of Marlin 1.1.8 and after exhaustive research and experimentation I have narrowed down the cause of my printer suddenly shifting layers in the middle of long prints. this seems to only affect prints when using a heavier table platform such as a heated build plate, If I remove the heated build plate and replace it with the orignal plastic build plate the problem goes away.

At first I thought the issue was from the cabling getting caught and stopping the table from moving, but that was not the issue. The issue is weight and the Y axis rapid and deceleration on movements from one part of the print to another. I tested this theroy by installing the original plastic bed my Gmax came with and stating a new print and adding a couple cans of soup to the build plate and within about 10 minutes I got a failed print with the layer shifting almost 15MM in one direction, just like all my other failed prints with the heated build plate.

after proving I could make it fail, I then took the weights off and started a new print and lowered the print speed and I am now almost 30+ hours into a print with no problems. and yes I did check all the obvious issues like loose pulley on the shaft and belt slipping, it was none of these issues

So it appears the issue is purely caused by the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the table and is greatly affected by the weight of the table. so my question is, has anyone else ran into this issue and what setting in the slicer would you change or modifications to the firmware would be suggested. I really do want my heated bed back, since I have a large investment in it and it does produce nice prints when used. but the layer shifting is a definite issue.

I have not tried any new setting with the heated build plate yet since I am now in the middle of a very important print that I dont want to stop and jinx the fact that its still printing.
I have had this problem on two gMax printers. One with a heated build plate and one without. In both cases, I had to increase the V-Ref on the Y axis motor driver.

If your belts and pulleys are tight, you might need to do the same.