Recuring misprint issue

The filament feed gets stuck and moves forward but doesnt feed filamet. The result is a large gap in the layer that causes the model to fall apart. Where the feeder and filament meet there are grooves worn into the line when the machine tries to feed but gets stuck. The attached photo is about an hour into the print of an airplane cookie cutter. It has ruined several prints, but not all. I have been using MakeShaper PLA 1.75 with all the defauly settings from Cura. If I catch it messing up again I will try to post a video. Any thoughts on why it would get stuck?
Update: usually if I pause the print, remove the filament, cut a few inches off and reolace the filament, the system will work for awhile. This does not fix it for the entire rest of the print but for awhile it will be ok


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I find that it I catch it, pause the print, then extrude a few cm of filament. It will fix the problem for a little bit. Here is a picture of the filament if I take it out in the middle of the malfunction.
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You could be printing either too fast or with too low of a temperature. This could be the filament not being up to temp when printing. So pausing would let the heater block get back up to temp. So slowing down or upping the temp might prevent clogging.