Simple surface issues when printing

Hello everyone, I'm printing something that should have a flat surface/wall. However, I'm seeing a lot of zits, waves, and an ascending width (after first layer). I'm not sure if my extruder is bumping into the printed object or I am over extruding but I'm hearing a soft thumping sound on some layers. I'm currently printing in an enclosure using plastic and a heated bed that comes with the 1.5+. I'm not sure what my issue is here but I was hoping by providing a picture, you guys could tell me how to get a proper finish.
Thank you for reading!

Here's the link to the picture: ... sp=sharing
Have you done any changes to the Slicer profile?
That looks really bad, something is way off for sure.

If you hear the sound of the nozzle moving over the printer, try increasing your retraction vertical lift (S3D), Z-Hop (Slic3r). I'm used to around 0.8mm with my other printers, but I need to use values around 1.5mm on my gMax to not get nozzle drag.
I guess this is an error that happens when one tweaks with the settings too much. I started off with the your slicer settings but changed the settings to match youtubers' slicer profiles and tips. I think I should at least give the standard slicing profile a chance. I'll keep you posted when I re-print the file