Size and type of table to put 1.5 +


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Hello, I am about to make the plunge and buy one of these.

I need to know what is the minimum size table i need to be able to place the larger printer on.

The Website says i need 36 inches of space but is this 36 inches x 36 inches?

Also does any one have any suggestions for the type of table i should use.
I have converted my walk in closet into my hobby/ work space and would like to put it in there.
The Walk in closet is a respectable 5 ft x 5 ft. I also need to know how much hight clearance i need in case i need to remove any shelves i have hanging.
I will probably need to pull every thing out but thats ok its been done already. I have a few weeks to wait before i get the printer and would like to get my work space ready before i get it.

One last thing What type of back up power supply should i get. 1200 watts - 1500 watts

Thanks every one in advance
No need for a power supply. Just a 110-120V 15 amp mains circuit.

The gMax operating dimensions, not including filament roll or brackets, are 28.5”W x 35”D x 30.5”H (21.5"H for the gMax 1.5+).