Slicer Profiles

Thanks for the slicer profile that you have posted on the download section! I was wondering if there is any possibility to post the profiles you have Gordon for the awesome high resolution prints that are pictured online. I appreciate the starting point but would really like to print in higher resolution like .075mm and lower layer heights. I am a novice at slicer and really not had any luck with adjusting the resolution. If this is not possible from the 0.5mm nozzle than what is the highest resolution that nozzle can use?

Thanks Levitate
In the Slicer tab of Repetier, there is a text box to manually enter the layer height of your choosing. Then just slice again and print.
Yeah I was afraid it was that easy. I tried that already and I found out my Z was not repeating. Printed out the new Z limit switch mount (thanks Gordon) and during the install noticed the switch was damaged. Just waiting on replacement now.

Thanks Raykholo