Suggested UPS systems for power interruptions

Does anyone have suggestions for dealing with power interruptions? Nothing like power outage 30 hours into a print... Would I need a separate one for the bed heater? Are there software solutions to pause a print and keep the position settings when the UPS takes over? Thanks.


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We use something like this in our print farm but we have multiple printers connected to each one. There really isnt a way to pause the print and switch over the power supply. As soon as power is lost on the printer, it looses all position settings. We leave the printers plugged into the UPS's at all times.
I've ordered a UPS system. I'll probably put the Keenovo heater on another UPS - do you know the power output of that? I've looked through the forums and the downloads but must have missed it?
@ Joshua Thanks again - I didn't realize I could control the zones with the Keenovo, since it doesn't route through the printer board.
@jlgtx good point regarding the heater, I’ll just put it on the surge protector