Support for GMAX 1.5 XT

Hi Gordon;

My GMAX 1.5 XT was not able to print anything solid or decent when it arrived in a dented box; and I have gone through the documentation that you have provided in the forum; as well as reached out to gCreate support but have yet to hear back about the issue.

Can you be so kind as to reach out to me and see if gCreate can recalibrate it or exchange the printer for another one? I live in NYC and can come by the new headquarters.

Your help would be much appreciated;

Hey Alfred, I hope they got your issue attended to. I just received my printer. it is October 5th, and I am in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Obviously mine will not be as simple a remedy, should it have to be returned. Nonetheless, I am doubtful that it will come to such. However I was curious how long it took and what came to be involved in getting your printer working.

I would be grateful, if you are willing to share. I have every confidence in these guys at gCreate and I think the open conversation will, in the end help them to ride out the rough spots. So I'll leave it at thank you and await your response.