Terrible shift issues

Just rec'd our gMax 1.5 XT+ yesterday. Heated bed, Dual E3D Extruder. Ran through all the assembly, setup, test print etc. successfully. Everything looked good, so I kicked off a large print (14x14x12") and went home. I used Cura 2.7.0 and the "gmax_cura_normalquality_170530 - 0.2mm" profile to slice.

This morning we found that the printer had shifted a couple of times, in both X and Y directions, within the first several layers, and was now throwing filament off the edge of the plate.

I thought perhaps the cable from the heated bed might have caught on the end of the bed rail as the bed moved forward, which could account for the Y-axis shift. So, I made a custom rail end cap with an integrated ramp for the cable, to eliminate that danger.

That doesn't explain the X-axis shift, though. I haven't started another print yet...hoping to get some feedback here. Any ideas on what else might have gone wrong with the print? What else do I need to check?

I scaled the large print down to 50% and tried again. It seems to be printing properly, but it looks like the print is off-center in the X axis.

Am I correct that this is a problem? If so, how do I fix it? Do I re-run the "gMax Initial Setup.gcode" file from the SD card?

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Turned out to be a problem with the heated plate shifting in the mounting clips. I printed additional clips and anchored the plate at all 8 available points, and that seems to have solved the shifting print mystery.