What are applications in healthcare industry of 3d printing?

Potentially we can 3D print and repair cartilage using 3D printing, print skin, print bone, print tissue and perhaps in a while fully functional organs. Most of the media news about "3D printed nose" or whatever are baseless or too optimistic by half. People are working on these things but they are far from ready to go to market at the moment. In bioprinting, blood vessels will probably be the first things to be printed and implanted in people in any meaningful way within a few years. 3d printing service in gujarat, vadodara, ahmedabad, surat, rajkot, india

Whats happening at the moment is the 3D printing of titanium implants such as hip rotator cups. Thousands of people are receiving these implants. The first plastic implants made of PEEK and other materials are also being implanted.
3D printing object part model is also being used to print surgical guides. These are based on scans and printed to exactly fit the body. They are then placed in a persons mouth for example to aid with surgery and then removed. These have helped over 100,000 patients.
In orthodontics & dental 3D printing is being used to print in metal and plastic tens of thousands of fitting aligners, copings, bridges models, molds etc.

In Craniomaxillo Facial Surgery 3D scans of patients are used to make 3D printed parts that help reconstruct their faces.
Patient specific skull, jaw and other implants are also being implanted.
3D printing is also used widely for creating medical models for education and to aid in complex surgeries such as separating conjoined twins.
Models made from CT & MRI scans of individual patients are also produced to guide other complex procedures.
Fairings, which fit around a prosthetic leg are also being produced.
In hearing aids over 10,000,000 people are now wearing individualized 3D printed hearing aids in the largest consumer application of the technology.

some applications of 3D Printing in the healthcare-medical industry:

Custom Dentistry
Presurgery Models
Titanium Implants
Casts and Braces
Biocompatible Implants
Patient Specific Instrumentation (PSI)
Drug Manufacturing
Tissue Engineering
Medical Device Research by Practitioners
Bone replacement
Orthopedic shoe soles
Skin reproduction
Organ printing etc.