What are the most interesting applications of 3D Printing?

3D printing has immense potential. On a large scale mostly plastic is being used as a raw material but companies world wide are consistently producing new material filaments to work with. Glass, metal, etc. everything is possible now. In comparison to CAM, where it is more of subtractive manufacturing than additive, you have more leeway to try out different shapes than with milling. 3d printing service in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu,india,chennai,bengaluru,kolkata,lucknow,kanpur

innovative applications for 3D printing as part of my day-to-day work. Some of the coolest things I’ve discovered recently:

3D printing medical implants that will actually start growing bone around them and behave like real human tissue
3D printing whole habitations that could theoretically be utilised as part of future missions to the moon or Mars

3d printing fashion future

benefits of 3d printing in architecture

3D printing concrete for both art and construction purposes, which opens up some unique designs that would be impossible with traditional methods
3D printing custom medication in tablet form, so pharmacists can fill prescriptions on the spot, without needing to order the medicine
3D printing toolsand replacement parts for military equipment on-site in combat zones

Printing functional parts for Formula 1 cars - 3d printed car parts

Medical Applications of 3D Medical Printing:

To revolutionise the health care, 3D printing greatly enters the medical industry and prove to be an asset for physicians in surgeries. Following applications of 3D printing in medicine are:

Tissue & organ fabrication
Anatomical Models
Creating Prosthetics
Pharmaceutical research concerning drug delivery
Dosage Forms
Surgical Tools

SO if they need something like a wrench, they can 3D print the part instead of having to wait for a supply ship to bring new parts to them.