What area will 3D printing impact the most?

3D printing will impact the following areas significantly:

Product Development & Prototyping: 3D printing is used widely in prototyping already but many companies just design something, have engineering squish the contents in it, maybe do some research, maybe talk to marketing and then produce it. This is a silly way of making things. Some companies like Apple make a thing and then iterate, shave away all the unnecessary and come up with beautiful things. Other companies rapid prototyping 3d printing and then test it extensively, show it to customers, test ergonomics, ask people what they think and then improve it. The more iterative and research based product development becomes the more success these companies will have with it. So I expect outsized impacts on product development and the bottom lines of companies that use 3D printing extensively. 3d printing service in Orissa, Jharkhand,West Bengal,Bihar,andhrapradesh india

3d printing in automobile engineering: Car companies already extensively use 3D printing for concept cars and other prototypes. They are extending their use as is shown by Daimler's co-development of Concept Laser's R1000 metal printer as well as use of 3D printing in Formula 1. 3D printing can be used to cut down on labour costs, customize and personalize platforms, allow for customization of individual cars and the development of new things such as heatsinks, ducting, engine, battery & structural parts that can not be produced with another technology.

3D printing will eventually impact any and every industry:

Gifts, jewelry, toys, hobby items, interior decoration and fashion accessories: These are all markets where home 3D printers and especially 3D printing services can make significant impacts by letting people design and make personalized & individualized things that mean more to them or fit the use case of the product better.

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3d printing construction applications - 3d printing in architecture industry

use of 3d printing in healthcare

3D printing Auto parts