What kind of thermistor does Gmax use?

I need to install a new thermistor. My extruder temp fluctuates wildly and my prints have been plagued with MINTEMP and MAXTEMP errors from day one. At first I thought it was the extruder fan blowing on the thermistor so I placed insulation around the heating block but the problem persisted. I finally traced the problem to an intermittent short in the thermistor wiring. I tried to repair/rewire the small thermistor leads but the thing is so tiny I ended up pulling them apart. Hence, I need a new one and am looking forward to completing a print without having the machine shut itself off half way through.

Does the GMAX use a standard thermistor that I can get on EBay? If so, what is the OHMs spec? Gordon, if you are reading this, can you send me a warranty replacement or sell me one? My printer is dead until I can replace this thing.