When to tighten the Anti-Backlash Nut Block

My printer is a few months old and was wondering how do I know when it's time to tighten or mess with the Anti-Backlash Nut Blocks?
I do notice that that one side seem to always seem to be .01MM lower than the other side after a print. I manually adjust the hight and it seem ok after I raise Z up and down a few times.
Sorry I'm so confused. RIght now the screws on my current nut blocks are in their "original position" from when I purchased the printer - where they're not tighten up to add resistance, im confused on why I may need to tighten it. Is this because after some wearing the nut block may become looser giving less resistance to the lead screw causing the extruder to slide down the lead screw own? either from one side or perhaps both? Sorry I think I just need some more details.... Thanks!


Staff member
After a while, the nut blocks will start to wear. This does cause the nut blocks to become a little loose. So tightening the screw on the nut blocks will add more resistance on the lead screws. This should prevent them from sliding down.