Which industry will benefit most from 3D printing?

Aerospace: 3D printing is allowing for richer mechanisms to be built more simply without the need for welding that can be significantly lighter than existing approaches.rapid prototyping chennai tamilnadu bangalore karnataka andhrea pradesh india

Automotive: Similar to aerospace but the scale is different. Imagine if there is no long production lines but simply frames etc that come out the other end.

3d printing in biomedical applications: For things like prosthetics and orthotics where almost every object needs to be built based on individual needs, this will significantly reduce the turnaround time. Imagine every dentist having a 3D printer in their office for making orthotics, and every individual joint replacement being designed for that patient's needs.

Design of all kinds: Whether it is architects constructing 3D models, industrial designers trying to get a "feel" for what an object looks like, the thinning of the barrier between bits and atoms is getting thinner. 3d printed sculptures
3d printable toys and games

custom 3d printed jewelry