Which side up (bed)?

Does it matter which side of the plastic bed is up?

Should I peel off the taped side and have that side up? Or leave tape on and use it for bottom?

Any way to get a plastic piece that matches what's on the gmaxprinter.com website? :D

Ok, stared at pictures on kickstarter and the print bed to see a slight coating spray of some kind on the exposed area. Realized between option a or b, it was c! Use exposed side and remove tape.

Feel much better now. The visual appearance with the tape was so strikingly different from the quality of the rest of the printer; I was worried. All good now.

Have the weekend to calibrate and work towards my first successful print!


Staff member
Glad it worked out. For anyone else asking, you should install the bed with the sanded side up and remove the tape on the backside before installing it. We leave the protective film on so the acrylic wont get damaged during assembly or shipping.

Also, since the acrylic bed is sanded, you can sand it in the future as the bed becomes worn from printing. Every time you sand it, the surface will be nice and prepped to give the next print a smooth finish. Make sure to wet the supplied sanding block to stop acrylic particles from floating in the air as you sand or make sure to wear a mask.